Introduction time!

11월 16, 2007
me.png Hey everyone; my name is Jasper, and I’m going to be joining the Palbee team here at Zenitum. I’ve already been here for a few weeks now; so now that I’m all settled I thought it was time to let you all know what’s going on. On Web 2.0 in Korea? Well, there isn’t any yet. That’s where we come in.

Some of the things I’ll be working on with regards to Palbee are ..

Better enterprise integration. Palbee is a powerful platform, and businesses realize that too. No more single-platform, hard to adopt, integrate and manage applications. With a browser-based solution for both presentation, collaboration and video conferencing, Palbee can be just as powerful on the intranet as it is on the internet.

User interface design improvements. Joining the design think tank here at Zenitum is no easy task, but I do think I have contributions to make to the current way of thinking. What drives Web 2.0? Openness, simplicity and a whole lot of Javascript. I’m going to work improving some of the web application features of Palbee, and minimizing needless complexity so that everyone can enjoy Palbee.

Palbee for everyone. What comes to mind when you think of scalability? If you’re thinking of large mainframes and beowulf clusters, don’t worry; that’s all so pre-2.0. How do it here at Zenitum? By moving our software over to a component based design, we make sure that scalability will be easy, and implementable with commodity hardware.

What I’ll also be working on is keeping in touch with reality; and that means you. Together with Matthew, Albert and all of the other team members here at Zenitum, we’re going to make sure to listen to what you have to say. So keep in touch!



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