The New Guy’s Trip to GStar 2007

11월 9, 2007

I’m Matthew, the newest edition to the PalBee Team. I’ve recently attended the start of GStar 2007, the largest and most anticipated game show in Korea. It is similar to the Tokyo Game Show in Japan and E3 in Los Angeles. I was also able to take a few photos while I was there. There are many interesting innovations and new games that were on display at the show.

It was pretty crowded at the first day of the show.crowds.jpg

3d-games.jpgThe first place recognition for innovation should go to 3D Games, a Hong Kong-based company that has developed and commercialized true 3D displays. They have set up cyber cafes with games that customers can play using the 3D displays.

Frogster Studios had a gothic booth.frogster3.jpg

frogster2.jpgThe game apparently features platemail-clad Asian schoolgirls.

There were many important innovations this year. dead-six-2.jpg

dead-six-3.jpgGame technology has reached new heights.

NCSoft’s brand PlayNC featured four different titles.hammer-girl.jpg

aion.jpg The first, Aion, had something to do with angels, feathers, and very large hammers. It is designed and geared towards the Asian market.

The second game, Point Blank, was about shooting. point-blank.jpg

tabula-rasa.jpgTabula Rasa, an online science fiction fantasy game, is being designed by Richard Garriot to be released in the North American and European markets.

NCSoft’s 4th, Punch Monster needs no explanation. punch-monster.jpg

Computer games were not the only ones featured at GStar, however:



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